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VR Last Commando II

VR Last Commando II

Upload Date:
100K+ Download
100K+ Download
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Package: com.last.commando.action.two.vr
Version: 1.5 (6)
Size: 48.8 MB
Update on: June 09, 2018
Installs: 100,000
Signature: e64f89ea8aba4a13c7af2ece2042bbcef32a8c41
APK File SHA1: 60805675766d3eb95f1e0a18eb504f2cca5b8603
Mercenary forces and terrorist camps are spreading all around the country. They come towards the city and urban areas to target the modern army arsenals and the civilians. Police and the anti-terrorism squad are trying to set up a combat mission but they can’t send their elite team. Anti-terrorist squad is trying to find the best commando, who has all the experience of army & commando VR games.

They spotted you among the elite soldiers, based on your previous encounter against military forces and terrorists. So the VR commando mission is just about to begin, but first a quick briefing about VR combat mission against and details of the operation.

Commando shooting in VR mode might be the only hope to take revenge from enemies in the war zone. Shoot down all of them in this VR mission and fight until the last drop of blood in your body. They will attack you from all direction, once they are aware of your presence. I hope your training in VR commando army games in warfare situation will come handy. So help the anti-terrorism squad by wiping these crooks out in one spectacular display of commando shooting.

Make sure you keep yourself well focused and determined as it will be a do or die situation. Wish you all the good luck in this adventure of VR game.

You can also enjoy this VR video game by connecting a video game controller (aka Joystick) via Bluetooth to your Android device. Use the D-pad (directional pad) on the console gamepad controller for the player movements and use the mobile gamepad keys for the shooting and other actions. Experience the smooth controller emulation for the first time and double your fun in no time.

Key Features:

- Compatible with almost all the VR headsets and virtual reality devices.
- Support added for Bluetooth game controllers and joy pads.
- Full 360-degree rotation in virtual reality mode.
- Deadly weapons and sniper rifles.
- Addictive VR gameplay.
- Thrilling missions Story with various challenges.
- HD graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted.
- Highly customize-able controls so you can play this VR game just the way you want.
- Supported by all Android devices.

How to Play:

With Gamepad:

- Complete user guide and tutorial for playing the game with controller is provided within the game.

Without Game Controller:

- You must have gyro sensor on the smart phone to enjoy this VR simulator
- Slide your device into the VR glasses
- Tilt your head to aim the target
- The gun fires and reloads automatically
- For enemies at the far distance, use the scope
- For Completing mission objectives follow navigator
- Detect enemies with the help of radar
- Hear and Read the mission objective carefully


This VR game also runs on mobiles without a gyroscope, but is experienced best with a gyroscope. Please note that Samsung Gear VR support through Oculus may work through emulator, but is not officially supported at this stage. Android tested Google Cardboard viewers includes: VRBox, VR Case, Fove 0, VR View-Master DLX, Puyo Box, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugio 3D, FIBRUM, Cynoculars, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, Carl Zeiss VR One GX, Homido, Nibiru, Xiaomi Mi, FreeFly, VRTX One, Stooksy, Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VRTRIA.

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