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Syobon Musou 3D Action Game

Syobon Musou 3D Action Game App the safe

| Author: stardia
Latest Version: 1.5.3
Upload Date: 2019-10-25
Package: net.stardia.SyoboonMusou
Version: 1.5.3 (20)
Size: 46.0 MB
Update on: October 25, 2019
Installs: 100,000
Signature: 3ba6d91420411c1648eb3785b1b293f75b0d631b
APK File SHA1: 993d33f450a916ee8a85b45d7d8b641392febc3a

Cumulative total 300000 downloads exceeded!
Relieve your stress by beating Syobons that keep coming toward you!
“Syobon Musou 3D Action Game”
is a stress-relieving action game in which you beat up endless waves of enemies and Syobon.

・There are three kinds of stage levels.
Easy, Normal, and Hard.
The stronger enemies you beat, the bigger the prize in coins.
There are also daily stages in which enemies approach you in daily-changing patterns.

・A variety of characters make their appearance.
In addition to Syobon, various other characters make their appearance.
When you take down an enemy, a coin appears.
You can buy things at the shop with the coins you collected.

・Power up with equippable items.
There are a total of 96 cool items you can get!
You can buy weapons, wigs, T-shirts, heart,and shoes at the shop.
Power up by equipping your favorite item.

・BGM by MusMus