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iMetric: Profile Followers Analytics for Instagram

iMetric: Profile Followers Analytics for Instagram

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54K+ Reviews
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54K+ Reviews
1M+ Download
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Package: com.followstat
Version: 4.10.2 (100)
Size: 36.7 MB
Update on: January 12, 2021
Installs: 1,000,000
Signature: a521d1144498c29c00af92b6c38c63f9cff1f0b3
APK File SHA1: 0bb68d0a7891d6eb6474c11e4c91735605db3bfd
Followers Analytics for Instagram. Discover your followers and know your unfollowers.

Read feeds to grow your account.
There you will find many tips on how to make your account more cool and new. In these feeds you can detect how to make your profile work more efficiently.
In here you will know how to ensure your Instagram influence on your readers.
Useful articles, interesting information about blogging and how to make really great qualitative content in our new Feed section.
Read "Feed" and make the greatest profile!
Fast and accurate analytics for Instagram:
- Profile analyzer
- Followers analytics: who follows me on Instagram
- Likes report: post performance and engagement
- Profile visitors statistics: who viewed my profile on Instagram
- Cleaner for Instagram: unfollow unfollowers, non followers
- Account comparing: how my account compares with others
- Find out who your best likers are: who likes my posts most

Statistics followers and know your unfollowers on Instagram. Get likes reports. Find out who is not following you back, check profile visitors, compare profiles and more.

How to become popular on Instagram? It’s easy with Followstat by iMetric! Fast and accurate analytics for Instagram with followers stats and unfollowers report. Together with Followstat by iMetric, you get cleaner for Instagram and can unfollow who do not follow back or unfollow everyone at once.

How to make your profile on Instagram grow and gain popularity as quickly as possible? Find out by using followers analyzer Followstat by iMetric! You can know multiple profiles and get followers' insight in all of them!

Followers on Instagram
Get accurate analytics on followers lost/gained. Check how many followers view your account or what followers unfollow you when you follow back. Get daily followers stats for Instagram with mutual followings and analysis of followers who don't follow back.

Unfollowers for Instagram
Who unfollowed me on Instagram? Find out with Followstat by iMetric. With our unfollowers analyzer for Instagram you’ll keep an eye on those “who not following me” and “who just unfollowed me”. Full unfollowers stats are constantly updated and you get the freshest info.

Likes in Your profile
Your likes on Instagram = your popularity. With Followstat by iMetric you can check likes as well as see your best/worst likers. Discover your most popular posts that your followers find interesting.

Profile Visitors for Instagram
Who looks at my account on Instagram and who checks my profile? Our analyzer follows your recent profile visitors - “who viewed my profile” and “who likes me most without following”. Know your potential followers!

Cleaner for Instagram
Everyone needs the unfollowers detector to unfollow profile unfollowers. Why is it important to monitor followers who unfollow you? The difference between followers and unfollowers on Instagram impacts your popularity. If the number of your followers increase, then you post the right content. If your likes and followers drop, then you need to work on your feed.

Mutual Following
Discover “who follows me back on Instagram”. Our Analyzer for Instagram checks:
* profile visitors who viewed my profile
* followers who follow me on Instagram
* unfollowers who not following me back

Get insight into your followers and unfollowers on Instagram and check the freshest analytics for Instagram!

Profile Comparing
Our analytics for Instagram can be used to compare your profile with friends or competitors. Your followers and unfollowers, likes, posts, etc.

Detailed insight into your profile on Instagram! Thanks to your personal manager Followstat by iMetric, you can check followers and likes, unfollowers and profile viewers and visitors on Instagram.

Together an accurate follower analysis, you also get an organizer for your posts. Check likes on Instagram, discover popular posts and use our feed organizer to create the best profile with many likes for Instagram!
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