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Free IQ Test

Free IQ Test

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1K+ Reviews
100K+ Download
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Package: com.test.inteligencia
Version: 2.2 (32)
Size: 7.4 MB
Update on: October 14, 2020
Installs: 100,000
Signature: 4f4015d3befe9e2ddad185a73f280ae3bd5a3b37
APK File SHA1: 69258c43570adf882c419676b72dae9c05197646
IQ Test, intelligence test, intelligence games, iq games, for answer "what is my iq?". A variety of iq test, like mensa iq test, which will help you speed up your intelligence and your brain quickly.
➊ Find your IQ with this free iq test
➊ Have fun with memory games using memory exercises
➊ Discover the solutions iq test free
➊ Be the fastest with mental math games

★ Enjoy with your friends intelligence games, like the official IQ test, iq scores and know IQ, where each question resolved will mean a improve your intelligence.

★ You will not lose time, it is a quick iq test, intelligence and free from some intelligence tests that ask you. Free iq test with instant results.

★ Use the iq test for free, we will also have questions in the test for adults.

What you'll find in free mensa test?

GAMES: I teach a variety of memory games, reaction and mental math.
INTELLIGENCE TEST: Solve all iq tests that we propose to improve your iq daily.
IQ TEST: Very complete, for everyone and free, with which will increase the intelligence of the youngest and adults.
MENSA: Best type of quiz,
IQ: Is a measure we use to understand if you're a normal or intelligent person.
TOPS: If you've got a lot of IQ, you will go up positions in our top, you can choose an avatar and compete with many users.
REAL IQ TEST: We are an real test, with which you get an estimate to know if you are gifted.

Among our list of options you'll find:
- IQ Test
- Online, real, official, free, for everyone. Free iq test.
- Test IQ and iq quiz.
- Mind games and mental math. We are a short test games.
- Mensa, use mensa test.

What is an IQ test?
It is a questionnaire from which we will measure characteristics of your brain, such as logic, to calculate your IQ.

How to know your IQ?
It is also called quotient, IQ, the word is used as a measure, the average is around 100 IQ, it would be more intelligent and less be below the line.

Download the best application to help you exercise your brain!

IQ Test in english getting your IQ. Intelligence is important, are you smarter than Einstein? Hey .... who knows!. Improve your brainpower with the different games calculation, reaction and memory with this IQ test.

In mental arithmetic; you will perform operations with your own finger write the result on the screen, memory: You will order the numbers from least to greatest remembering its position, and reaction (most interesting): you have to dodge a series of black boxes driving two different characters.
With the mensa IQ test, you get an approximate number of IQ after different tests: numerical series, figures and sequences, which must respond by following your logic of this IQ test for intelligence.

Share your coefficient with this test in English: Twitter, Facebook or wherever you prefer it. Mental exercises are also sport!, not only worth to play football. If you play continuously this IQ test, you will notice a big change in your ability and maths never be a problem for you or the driving test, since the reaction will bring great improvements.
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