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  • Game name: 叫我官老爺 - 原創宮廷模擬當官手游
  • Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019
  • Package name: com.szckhd.jwgly.azfanti
  • Version of The Game: 2.1.21379
  • Game Category: Role Playing
  • Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000
  • User Rating: 4.31386/5 star (27,170 views)
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Developer app: 4 app or game
  • License: Free download
  • Google Play
  • In-app Products: $0.99 - $94.99 per item

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叫我官老爺 - 原創宮廷模擬當官手游 Apk Download Free for PC, smart TV

Description for 叫我官老爺 - 原創宮廷模擬當官手游 Download

《叫我官老爺》是一款原創經營養成當官手遊,以官爺為第一視覺生動呈現,娶妻納妾、生孩養娃、冷宮休妻、家族聯盟PK、培養門客、多人社交等精彩玩法。 【紅顏失寵 冷宮休妻】即使是國色天香的美人,失寵後也可以被打入冷宮,送到浣衣房。 你是否會憐香惜玉?【奉旨當官 前途無量】新官上位,初入官場是做個安靜低調的芝麻小官,還是坐享天下美人的一品攝政王?你自己看著辦~【官升極品 掌控大權】衙門審訊犯人威震四方,府宅寵倖妻妾逍遙自在,多角度逼真模仿出當官的奢華生活。在視、聽、玩全方位,把玩家從現實世界拉回古色古香的清廷世界。 【美人在懷 雨露均沾】在官場無敵是多麼寂寞,好在有超多紅顏小姐姐與你相伴!柳葉眉,杏核眼,櫻桃小口,楊柳細腰賽筆管,說話燕語鶯聲,各種各樣的古典美人皆可迎娶寵倖,官爺你可要把持住哦~【結為親家 自由聊天】培養孩子考狀元,取得不世之功名。在世界頻道為兒女提親招親,聯姻成為親家後,就可以在遊戲中暢快地交流。遊戲特色:通商系統,全球海外貿易,探索無盡秘寶,海量財富等你來。官品系統,從芝麻小官到朝中重臣,讓你感受極致升官樂趣。門客系統,數十位朝中赫赫有名之士悉數登場。跨服系統,跨服衙門火爆開啟,與全服玩家爭霸不休。妻妾系統,燕瘦環肥各色美人任君選擇。任務系統,多樣的任務系統,讓你的升官之路永不枯燥。聯盟系統,多人互動一起打天下,聯盟團戰誰與爭鋒!Facebook聯繫:叫我官老爺 郵箱聯繫:[email protected]商務合作郵箱:[email protected]本軟體因涉及暴力情節,依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級。本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。。"Call me bureaucrats" is to develop an original operating officer hand travel to Guanye first vivid visual presentation, wife concubinage, raising baby born child, limbo repudiation Family Alliance PK, culture Menke, and more people social and other exciting games are played.[Roots] repudiation of favor limboEven Aromatic beauty, may also favor the sideline to Huanyi room. Lianxiangxiyu s would you?[Promising] granted officialNew official host, entering the official is to be a quiet, low-key sesame small officer, or enjoying the beauty of the world is a product regent? You can figure ~Need for power control [officer] lYamen trial ers Megatron Quartet, mansion patronize wives unaffected, lifelike imitation of a multi-angle officer of luxury living. In the vision, hearing, all-round play, the players from the real world back to the Qing antique world.[Beauty in the rain descends]How lonely is invincible in official circles, but fortunately there over many roots little sister on your side! LiuYeMei, almond eyes, Yingtaoxiaokou, slender willow barrel race, speak the language Yan Ying Sheng, a variety of classical beauty Jieke married patronize, Guanye you have to hold on oh ~[Free chat are marriage]Cultivate children Kaozhuang Yuan, achieved fame not the world. Propose marriage for the children to get married channel in the world, after the marriage became relatives, you can communicate in a fun game.The game features:Trade systems, global overseas trade, explore endless Mibao, waiting for you to massive wealth.Official product system, from sesame minor official to the DPRK minister of state, let you feel the ultimate promotion fun.Menke system, dozens of well-known people in the DPRK full debut.Cross-service system, bureaucratic cross-service hot open, full-service players hegemony endlessly.Wives system, Yan thin ring of fat Renjunxuanze beautiful color.Mission systems, a variety of mission systems, so that your way of promotion never boring.Union system, multiplayer interactive conquer the world together, team battles league rival!Facebook Contact: Call me bureaucratsE-mail Contact: [email protected] cooperation mail: [email protected] software episodes involving violence, according to game software hierarchical management approach classified supplemented by 12.This game is free to use, and the other offers to buy virtual game currency, items such as paid services within the game.Please note that the game time, avoid indulging. .

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