三国志乱舞 - スクエニの本格三国志RPGアプリ - file APK Free for PC, smart TV Download
  • Game name: 三国志乱舞 - スクエニの本格三国志RPGアプリ -
  • Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018
  • Package name: com.square_enix.sangokushi_rumble.googleplay
  • Version of The Game: 1.7.6
  • Game Category: Action
  • Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000
  • User Rating: 3.8/5 star (49,634 views)
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Developer Firm: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
  • Developer app: 12 app or game
  • Address: 東京都新宿区新宿6-27-30 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8430, Japan
  • License: Free download
  • Google Play
  • In-app Products: $2.99 - $8.49 per item

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三国志乱舞 - スクエニの本格三国志RPGアプリ - Apk Download Free for PC, smart TV

Description for 三国志乱舞 - スクエニの本格三国志RPGアプリ - Download

◆三国志アプリ「No.1」!(※1)◆◇ 気御礼!◇◆200万ユーザー突破!(iOS/Android)◆◆スタートキャンペーン実施中!(※2)◆■特別武将「SR関羽(女)」プレゼント!■5日間ログインで合計1000輝石プレゼント!■今だけ!「スタートアップガチャ」でSR以上の武将が必ずもらえる!!今すぐ育成して、イベントを有利に戦おう!!詳細はアプリでチェック!!◆◇ 気!スクウェア・エニックス史上初の【三国志】アプリ登場!◇◆■面倒な登録は一切不要!基本無料!■三国志の世界に降り立ち、目の前で繰り広げるリアルタイム大戦!■やり込み要素満載の同盟ギルド戦!■歩兵、弓兵、騎兵、投石車、象兵など全30種類以上の兵科が火花を散らす!■大迫力の必殺技!指先一つですべてを蹴散らせ!■三国志の世界に没入できるシナリオシーンが満載!兵士たちの怒号!飛び交う弓矢!妖術による雷!三国志のドラマティックな壮絶バトルを目撃せよ!◆◇魅力的な登場キャラクター◆◇■一騎当千を体現する無双の天武「呂布」■大胆な戦略と心理戦の鬼才「諸葛亮孔明」■中原のアイドルは中国4大美女「貂蝉」■その胸中に秘めたるは蒼天か深淵か「曹操」■呉の公主は美しき戦姫「孫尚香」前線で「呂布」と「趙雲」がタッグを組んで敵を蹴散らし、後衛から「諸葛亮孔明」と「曹操」が飛び道具でサポートするなどファンなら誰もが夢みる共演も可能!美麗な武将たちで歴史を超越したオリジナルの部隊を作り上げよう!◆◇ここがすごい!スクエニ三国志!◆◇■三國志アプリの中でも簡単操作で奥が深い!■レイド戦・ギルドバトル戦が熱い!■タワーディフェンス型のゲームなので三國志を知らない人でも楽しめる!■いろんなカードを組み合わせてデッキをシミュレーションするのが面白い!■たまに笑えるネタキャラがいて、ついコレクションしてしまう!■輝石をたくさん貰えるので無料でも最強の武将が手に入る!■オートモードもあるので手軽に遊びたい人でもOK!■美少女キャラになった「劉備」や「張飛」、「周瑜」に萌える!三国志の世界観はそのままに本格シミュレーションRPGとして楽しめるスクエニ自信作!ゲーム操作は指先ひとつ、戦略戦術は無限大、キャラは美男美女が勢ぞろい!◆◇豪華声優陣のキャラクターボイス対応◇◆■中田譲治■田中敦子■杉田智和■早見沙織■日笠陽子■佐倉綾音(あやねる)第一線で活躍する声優陣が三国武将のCVやナレーションを担当!神武将の「貂蝉」(CV:早見沙織)、「孫尚香」(CV:日笠陽子)、「黄月英」(CV:佐倉綾音)にはオリジナルの長編ボイス付シナリオを実装!◆◇圧倒的なハイクオリティのゲーム背景デザインを刮目せよ!◇◆■草薙■bamboo一切妥協のない背景デザインがゲーム内を一層美しく彩る!◆◇実力ある著名イラストレイター全50名以上が有名武将の作画を担当!◇◆■三好載克■風上ユウ■司淳■Wolfina■碧風羽■諏訪原寛幸■ウスダヒロ■シノマル■タシロトジオなど、武将アートはスクウェア・エニックス専属アートディレクターが全監修!■推奨機種について下記URLよりご確認ください。http://support.jp.square-enix.com/faqarticle.php?kid=70157&id=9641推奨機種はお客様のご要望やシェア率に応じて順次追加を行ってまいります。推奨機種はスクウェア・エニックス社にて動作検証を行っておりますが、機種の解像度やメモリ使用状況などさまざまな事由によって画面不具合や強制終了が発生する可能性がございます。順次、修正対応は行っており、誠に恐れ入りますが今少しお待ちください。また、上記問題や不具合などによりお困りの場合には、下記URLよりお問い合わせください。http://support.jp.square-enix.com/main.php?la=0&id=9641[英語表記] History of the Three Kingdoms Rumble(※1)三国志アプリ「No.1」についてAppAnnieキーワードランキング 日本における「三国志」のトップアプリ第1位(2015年6月時点)(※2)キャンペーン内容についてキャンペーン内容は予告なく変更される場合があります。何卒ご了承下さい。◆ Three Kingdoms app "No.1"! (※ 1) ◆◇ popular thanks! ◇◆ 200 million users breakthrough! (IOS / Android) ◆◆ Start Campaign! (※ 2) ◆■ special military commander "SR Guan Yu (woman)" gift!■ total of 1000 pyroxene present in the 5-day Visit■ Only now! Always get more than warlords SR in the "Startup Gacha"! !Now immediately training, will advantageously fight the event! !For more information check the app! !◆ ◇ popular! First of Square Enix ever [Romance of the Three Kingdoms] app appeared! ◇ ◆■ bersome registration is not required at all! The basic FREE!■ landed in the world of Three Kingdoms, real-time war unfolds before your eyes!■ alliance guild battle of narrowing elements packed spear!■ Sprinkle infantry, archers, cavalry, stoning cars, elephant soldiers such as whole more than 30 kinds of corps is a spark!■ great power of the blow! Kick all at your fingertips Chirase!■ scenario scene that can be immersed in the world of the Three Kingdoms is packed!The soldiers of the roar! Bow and arrow flying! Thunder by witchcraft!Whether witnessed a dramatic fierce battle of the Three Kingdoms!◆ ◇ charming Characters ◆ ◇■ of Muso that embodies the Ikki Tenmu "Lu Bu"■ bold strategy and psychological warfare genius "Zhuge Liang Komei"■ Nakahara of idle China four major beauty "Diao Chan"■ hidden potential in the his breast or the Blue Sky or abyss "Cao Cao"■ Princess of Wu beautiful Senki "MagoShoko"Teamed up "Lu Bu" and "Zhao Yun" is the tag in front scattered kick the enemy, anyone if the fan, such as from the rear guard as "Zhuge Liang Komei", "Cao Cao" is supported by the missile is dream co-star is also possible!Lets make up the original force that transcends history in beautiful warlords!◆ ◇ is amazing here! Sukueni Romance of the Three Kingdoms! ◆ ◇■ deep back in the easy operation among the Sangokushi app!■ raid against Guild Battle game is hot!■ Since the tower defense type of game can enjoy even in people who do not know the Sangokushi!■ it is interesting to simulate the deck in combination with various card!■ by There are occasionally hilarious story characters, you end up with a collection!■ lot Nowak since the pyroxene is the strongest of the warlords into the hands free!■ Since the auto mode is also is also the people who want to play with ease OK!■ became a girl character "Liu Bei" and "Zhang Fei", Moe in "Zhou Yu"!View of the world of the Three Kingdoms Sukueni confidence to enjoy as a full-scale simulation RPG as it is!Game Operation one fingertip, strategy tactics infinite, the character has a handsome beauty studded!◆ ◇ of gorgeous actors character voice corresponding ◇ ◆■ Joji Nakata■ Atsuko Tanaka■ Tomokazu Sugita■ Saori Hayami■ Yoko Hikasa■ Ayane Sakura (Ayaneru)Actors at the forefront is responsible for the CV and the narration of the Three Kingdoms warlord!"Diao Chan" of God warlords (CV: Saori Hayami), "MagoShoko" (CV: Yoko Hikasa), "Ei Kitsuki" (CV: Ayaoto Sakura) The implementation of the original feature-length voice with a scenario!◆ ◇ case Katsumoku the game background design of overwhelming high quality! ◇ ◆■ Kusanagi■ bambooAny compromise with no background design decorate more beautiful in the game!◆ ◇ charge of talent there is well-known illustrator greater than or equal to a total 50 people the drawing of the famous warlord! ◇ ◆■ Miyoshi NoKatsu■ windward Yu■ TsukasaAtsushi■ Wolfina■ Hekifuwa■ Hiroyuki Suwahara■ Usudahiro■ Shinomaru■ TashirotojioSuch as, warlords Art Square Enix exclusive art director is all supervision!■ Recommended modelsPlease check from the following URL.http://support.jp.square-enix.com/faqarticle.php?kid=70157&id=9641Recommended models according to your needs and share rate of customersWe will make added sequentially.Recommended models, but we have verified for operation at Square Enix, Inc.,By a variety of reasons, such as the model of the resolution and memory usageScreen failure or forced termination There is a possibility to occur.Sequentially, correction corresponding is carried out,Please wait a little, but you Excuse me now.Also, in case you have difficulty due to the above-mentioned problems and inconvenience,Please contact us from the following URL.http://support.jp.square-enix.com/main.php?la=0&id=9641[English notation] History of the Three Kingdoms Rumble(※ 1) Romance of the Three Kingdoms for the application "No.1"AppAnnie keyword top app # 1 of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the rankings Japan (June 2015)(※ 2) for the campaign contentCampaign contents are subject to change without notice.Please acknowledge it humbly.

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