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  • Game name: 新大掌門-武俠卡牌正版授權
  • Last Updated: Mar 06, 2019
  • Package name: com.kimi.ggplay.xdzmtw
  • Version of The Game: 1.36
  • Game Category: Card
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000
  • User Rating: 4.3/5 star (3,405 views)
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Developer Firm: 摩利
  • Developer app: 3 app or game
  • Address: Mooli Digital Marketing Co.,Ltd 23141 新北市新店區民權路95號4F-3 4F.-3, No.95, Minquan Rd.
  • License: Free download
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新大掌門-武俠卡牌正版授權 Apk Download Free for PC, smart TV

Description for 新大掌門-武俠卡牌正版授權 Download

武俠遊戲,就是解任務、站樁練等、比拼屬性點高低?想不想讓小說中耳熟能詳的武林群俠全都任你差遣?武俠卡牌正版授權「新大掌門」繁中版!天下英雄,盡在掌中! 必備知識★為幫派起名,「地藏天機樓」氣勢遠超「媽媽廚房」★尋找世外高人要靠機緣巧合,所以請不要輕易去跳崖★闖江湖靠膽色,但要記住「我要打十個」只是句台詞 遊戲說明★武俠卡牌正版授權,超過三百名武俠人物登場★武功絕學自由搭配,神功從此跨越門派與性別★神兵寶甲因緣際會,神器不是任誰都能夠駕馭★緣分組合忠實原著,千萬不要派仇家一齊上陣★華山英雄定期相約,試看誰是天下第一掌門人 粉絲團http://www.facebook.com/xdzmol哈拉區http://forum.gamer.com.tw/B.php?bsn=23983問題回報[email protected]  遊戲詳情★「新大掌門」武俠正版授權﹣包羅最經典武俠萬象收納武俠著作中全部武俠經典?300位俠客盡收門下!絕世神兵傳世寶甲?為徒弟量身定做,為你爭鋒武林!傳說中的絕世武功?搶奪殘卷通覽天下蓋世神功! ★「新大掌門」武俠正版授權﹣激烈的萬人華山爭霸誰才是真正的武林第一?走!華山比武,一決雌雄!誰才是天下第一?不是最強俠客,而是他們的掌門人!天南海北想去就去!武林由我做主!江湖就是我家! ★「新大掌門」武俠正版授權﹣豐富的江湖故事情節跨越所有武俠小說的經典劇情大串燒!提煉原著精華?無數俠客亂入成武俠神話!多種劇情自由選擇,演繹只屬於自己的武俠世界! ★「新大掌門」武俠正版授權﹣新奇的緣分奇遇系統仇人與仇人放同一隊伍?那一定會不顧外敵自亂陣腳!愛人與愛人搭檔?那就一定是珠聯璧合!深山老林奇遇世外高人?尋神兵利器成蓋世神功! ★「新大掌門」武俠正版授權﹣獨特的傳功養成體系各種大師傳你功力?二十幾歲名震江湖不是夢!門下超多弟子?經驗傳承,想讓誰強誰就強!閒來無事?當個天下第一掌門,打發時間也不錯喔! ※本軟體依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為:輔導十五歲級。※本遊戲涉及不殘虐的血腥、殘暴、恐怖的畫面。 適配機型:系统版本:Android2.2及以上系统解析度:320*480以上解析度Martial arts game, that is the task solution, Zhan Zhuang training, etc., the level of compe ion attribute points?Want to make the novel are all familiar with the martial arts Heroes either you sent? martial arts card genuine authority "new big head" Traditional Chinese version! hero in the world, all in the hands!Prerequisite knowledge★ named for the gang, "in possession of the secret building" momentum far more than "Mom Kitchen."★ looking for the world outside expert to rely on chance, so please do not go jumping★ Kenshin by courage, but remember, "I want to make ten" is only one lineGame Description★ genuine martial arts card authorization, over three hundred martial arts debut figures★ free with martial arts secrets, magic and martial since crossing★ magic treasure A chance encounter, the artifact is not and anyone can harness★ fate combination faithful to the original, do not send enemies battle together★ Huashan Heroes Meet regularly, take a look at who is the best in the world headFan groups http://www.facebook.com/xdzmolSahara region http://forum.gamer.com.tw/B.php?bsn=23983Problem return [email protected] Details★ "The new big head" martial genuine authority - embracing the classic martial arts VientianeStorage of all martial arts classic martial arts books? 300 knight collect all the sects!A masterpiece of magic treasure handed down? For apprentice tailor, for you and Commander martial arts!Legendary martial arts masterpiece? Fragmentary view the world through the matchless magic!★ "The new big head" martial genuine authority - the fierce people Huashan hegemonyWho is the real first martial arts? Go! Huashan contest, showdown!Who is the best in the world? Not the strongest knight, but their head!Far apart want to go! Martial arts master from me! Rivers and lakes is my home!★ "The new big head" martial genuine authority - a rich storyline lakesAcross all martial arts classic story tail!Refining the original essence? Numerous knight chaos into a martial arts myth!Multiple plot freedom of choice, only their own interpretation of the martial arts world!★ "The new big head" martial genuine authority - the fate of the adventure novel systemEnemies and enemies to put the same team? It would certainly disregard foreign enemy in disarray!Lover and beloved partner? It must be a perfect match!Deep forests adventure world outside expert? Find magic weapon into matchless magic!★ "The new big head" martial genuine authority - to develop a unique system of transmission powerYou pass a variety of master skill? Twenties reputed lakes is not a dream!Ha super multi disciples? Experience heritage, who want strong w ver strong!Nothing else? As a world first head, to pass the time is also good Oh!※ This software ROC game software hierarchical management approach classified as: counseling fifteen levels.※ This game involves not maltreat bloody, brutal, horrible picture.Fit for:System version: Android2.2 and above systemsResolution: 320 * 480 resolution or more

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