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  • Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
  • Package name: air.jp.globalgear.ptomo
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  • Game Category: Casual
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000
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  • Developer Firm: G.Gear.inc
  • Developer app: 12 app or game
  • Address: 福岡県福岡市中央区今泉1-12-8天神QRビル7F 株式会社グローバルギア
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  • Google Play
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Description for プラトモ Download

家具や食べ物、乗り物のプラモデルを自分の手で作ってみませんか?身近な物の内部ってこんな風になっているのかも?全てのプラモデルを組み立てて どんどん完成させよう!---------------------------------------□■遊び方■□【1:カギを使ってプラモデルを解放!】 開放したプラモデルを組み立てると新しいプラモデルを 解放するためのカギがもらえるよ!  どんどん組み立てて全てのプラモデルを完成させよう!【2:プラモデルをつくろう】 パーツがくっつく場所がわかったら、画面の下からパーツを選んで上の画面でくっつけよう! すべて完成させられるかな? ※一度完成したプラモデルでも何度でも作りなおすことが出来ます!【3:作ったプラモデルが置かれた家を見てみよう】 完成したプラモデルは自動的に家の中に設置されます どんどん完成していく家を見てみよう!□■プラモデル紹介■□大きな家の中に12の部屋があるよ1部屋5つずつプラモデルが用意されているから気になる物があったら組み立ててみてね!【玄関】 ┣玄関扉(ドア) ┣スニーカー ┣水槽 ┣下駄箱 ┗傘立て【トイレ】 ┣ライト ┣ホルダー ┣カレンダー ┣洗面台 ┗トイレ【お風呂】 ┣浴槽 ┣体重計 ┣シャンプー ┣洗濯機 ┗シャワー【和室】 ┣掛け軸 ┣盆栽 ┣皿 ┣刀 ┗将棋【リビング】 ┣テレビ ┣ソファ ┣掃除機 ┣タコ焼き機 ┗電話【キッチン】 ┣お弁当 ┣トースター ┣コーヒーメーカー ┣冷蔵庫 ┗ケーキ【庭】 ┣花壇 ┣自転車 ┣犬小屋 ┣家庭菜園 ┗洗濯物【次男の部屋】 ┣望遠鏡 ┣ランドセル ┣学習机 ┣ロフトベッド ┗機関車【長女の部屋】 ┣携帯電話 ┣コンポ ┣電子ピアノ ┣バッグ ┗ペンケース【長男の部屋】 ┣カメラ ┣ハンガーラック ┣パソコン ┣ゲーム機 ┗チェア【寝室】 ┣目覚まし時計 ┣オルゴール ┣電気スタンド ┣ダブルベッド ┗ドレッサー 【ガレージ】 ┣ギター ┣ダーツ ┣工具箱 ┣バイク ┗自転車---------------------------------------空いた時間に気軽に遊べて、完全無料で楽しめます。プラモデルが好きな人、小物が好きな人、おもちゃが好きな人子供と一緒に遊べるゲームを探している人にオススメです!Furniture and food, the vehicle of the plastic modelWhy not make with their own hands?It is has become like this I inside of familiar things?Trying to rapidly complete assembled all the plastic model!---------------------------------------□ ■ How to Play ■ □[1: release the plastic model using the key! ]When assembling an open plastic model of the new plastic modelGet the key to release!Trying to complete all of the plastic model assembled more and more![2: Let's make a plastic model]Once you know where the parts from sticking, you Kuttsukeyo in the above screen to select the parts from the bottom of the screen!I wonder if all are completed?※ You also can re-create any number of times in the once finished plastic model![3: made a plastic model Let's look at the house that was placed]The completed plastic model is automatically installed in the houseLet's take a look at the house to continue to rapidly complete!□ ■ Plastic introduce ■ □In a large house there are 12 roomsSince 1 room five by plastic model has been preparedI try to assembly if there is a thing to be worried about!【Entrance】┣ front door (door)┣ sneakers┣ water tank┣ cupboard┗ umbrella stand【toilet】┣ Light┣ holder┣ calendar┣ washbasin┗ toilet【bath】┣ bathtub┣ scales┣ shampoo┣ washing machine┗ shower[Japanese-style room]┣ hanging scroll┣ bonsai┣ dish┣ sword┗ Shogi【living】┣ TV┣ sofa┣ vacuum cleaner┣ octopus balls machine┗ phone【kitchen】┣ lunch┣ toaster┣ coffee maker┣ refrigerator┗ cake【garden】┣ flower beds┣ bicycle┣ kennel┣ home garden┗ laundry[Second son of the room]┣ telescope┣ bag┣ study desk┣ loft bed┗ locomotive[Eldest daughter of the room]┣ mobile phone┣ component┣ electronic piano┣ bag┗ pen case[Eldest son of the room]┣ camera┣ hanger rack┣ PC┣ game machine┗ chair【Bedroom】┣ alarm clock┣ Music Box┣ desk lamp┣ double bed┗ dresser【garage】┣ guitar┣ Darts┣ tool box┣ bike┗ bicycle---------------------------------------Feel free to play in spare time, you can enjoy a completely free.People plastic model is like, people small items like, people toys likeIt is recommended for people who are looking for a game to play with their children!

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  • Momo Soto APK Download
  • By Momo Soto on March 06, 2018
  • So much fun! Moving on to Puratomo Resort, but I wish this had more levels!

  • Angie E. APK Download
  • By Angie E. on March 05, 2018
  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Pe  Lapin Blanc APK Download
  • By Pe Lapin Blanc on February 27, 2018
  • Really good and relaxing, you wish the house has more furniture bcoz solving this feel so good

  • Hân PTB APK Download
  • By Hân PTB on February 22, 2018
  • 👍👍👍

  • Romi Makkaroni APK Download
  • By Romi Makkaroni on February 17, 2018
  • In this game you're assembling different objects found in a typical home. While the puzzles themselves are fun I think the transition between levels are too slow and the music gets way too repetetive.

  • Ilovekorra 03 APK Download
  • By Ilovekorra 03 on February 06, 2018
  • It's great, love it so much. Kind of short but the controls and everything are easy to figure out especially with it being in a different language

  • Ashley Tong APK Download
  • By Ashley Tong on February 05, 2018
  • 60 levels only… great graphics and music. Classic type of anese game. Well organized and the light control is really comfortable. I found this game by accident.....it could be more attractive if you change the icon of the game on searchibg engine? ;) Nice work !looking forward another one!

  • Wei Ling Lee APK Download
  • By Wei Ling Lee on February 02, 2018
  • Nice game hope it has episode 2

  • Algo Mak APK Download
  • By Algo Mak on February 01, 2018
  • Japanese style model making. Nice

  • Dennis Heng APK Download
  • By Dennis Heng on January 31, 2018
  • Quite fun. Try it.

  • Tony Kwan APK Download
  • By Tony Kwan on January 27, 2018
  • Love building stuff

  • Wanatthaya Chieochoowong APK Download
  • By Wanatthaya Chieochoowong on January 27, 2018
  • Addict to this game

  • Yen Lin APK Download
  • By Yen Lin on January 23, 2018
  • It's simple concept yet a lot of fun!

  • Laney Hatc  APK Download
  • By Laney Hatc on January 16, 2018
  • Absolutely loved it !

  • Yuki Ying APK Download
  • By Yuki Ying on January 10, 2018
  • Really relaxing way to pass some time, finished all of the levels in one sitting. Please make more! Highly recommend this app 😀

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